Electronics - LG OLED TV

November 1, 2014

What is the future of televisions? Some years ago when you wanted to buy a TV, the number of options included were limited. The most common things to look for were regular specifications like size, price, and black & white or color.

Today it is necessary to choose among all sorts of specifications and features when you shop for a new TV. In addition to screen size and cost such features as resolution, contrast, and definition are usually part of the decision. Another critical choice is whether you want a LED, LCD or plasma TV.
Currently there is a fantastic new option which offers even more features. I recently had the opportunity to attend an LG Electronics event in which I viewed a demonstration of their OLED TV. It has more advanced features than I could have imagined were possible. 
The first thing I noticed about this amazing TV was how stylish and thin it is. Its screen is curved and it is only 4.3mm thick, the same thickness as a pencil. I have never seen a TV so thin. The curved screen gives you the new option to watch your favorite show from any angle in your room without losing the picture quality.

Another special feature is the way the TV turns when you want to watch your favorite movie in a dark room. Because OLED displays do not require a backlight, pixels that are switched off are truly black, so OLED achieves deeper black levels and a higher contrast ratio. When compared to LCD (liquid crystal display) TVs with conventional cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) backlighting, there is a quite a difference in the quality of the picture. The black of the screen doesn’t turn grey when you dim the lights in the room.

For sports fans the LG TruMotion 240Hz technology lets you enjoy sporting events and high-speed action with enhanced clarity. Expect even the fastest action to be dependably crystal clear and virtually blur-free.

For me the most extraordinary feature of this TV is that it has most of the smart functions found on a smart phone. It has webOS user interface features that allow instant access to your favorite apps. You can access your favorite apps instantly. It has a magic remote control that connects you with point & click, the scroll of a wheel, and the LG’s advanced Voice Mate feature with natural speech recognition. Yes, you can send voice commands to your TV, request to search for a special episode of a show, or find a film starring your favorite Hollywood actor! You can even control all your home entertainment devices with just one remote. Say goodbye to that pile of remote controls.

Do you want to know the cost of this TV? I was surprised to find that the price of the OLED TV was less than I expected. The cost of the 55 inch model is $ 3,499. 

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