Dica de Moda - Style Week Providence

January 30, 2012

Fashion - Style Week Providence

There was a big fashion event called the Style Week Providence in Rhode Island from January 22 to January 28. The event took place in the historic Biltmore hotel. I attended the shows on Thursday, January 26th. Three designers introduced their new collections that day. Candice Wu from Boston showed her ready to wear collection which was full of beautiful stylish edgy pieces. Toni Lyn Spaziano's collection showed classy and chic ready to wear pieces that were inspired by the styles of the 1950 and 1960. Karen Sabag presented a collection of stunning and detailed evening wear. Among the attendees were designers, magazine fashion critics from the New England area and also Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen from The Real Housewives of New York City.

Capa de Revista - W Magazine - Fevereiro 2012 - Brad Pitt

January 29, 2012

Magazine Cover - W Magazine - February 2012 - Brad Pitt 

Galeria Fotográfica - Foto do Dia - Cambridge - MA

January 27, 2012

Photo Gallery - Photo of the Day - Cambridge - MA

Lugar/Place: Mass Ave
Cidade/Pais/City/Country: Cambridge-MA - USA
Foto/Photo: Helena Martin

Dica de Viagem - New Orleans - USA

January 20, 2012

Travel - New Orleans - USA

French style façades 

The city breath Mardi Gras 

Cable cars are the most used public transportation in the city 

I am so sorry for the delay in writing the blog. But, it was for a good cause: I was traveling to New Orleans. NOLA, as the city is called by its population, was one of the USA cities I had a dream to visit one day. The visit was worth every minute.

Everybody knows that the city was partially destroyed by the Hurricane Katrina that isolated the city back in 2005. Going there to learn a bit more about this terrible event that almost destroyed the city. I had a chance to visit some of the most destroyed areas, visit some construction areas of the new levees around the city. I also learned that not by chance the historical area of the city was not destroyed as much as, for example, the area called Lower Ninth Ward. This area is one of the lowest areas in NOLA and faces a canal was almost totally destroyed the invasion of the water that broke the 17th Street Canal levee. But through all of this tragedy, I heard that the population is getting back to normal, except in the most affected areas where many people for many causes could not back yet to their homes.

New Orleans is a wonderful, historically unique city that really reminds me my country Brazil. The city was first colonized by the Spanish and later by the French as Louisiana state. Only in 1803 the land was sold to the US by Napoleon. Then you can imagine how much history there is in this city.

In addition to all this history, the city is well known for its entertainment. There is every year Mardi Gras when the citizens celebrate Carnival – it almost the same as in Brazil. There is also a very unique nightlife. Bourbon Street is the most famous street for nightlife in New Orleans. There are at least 8 squares with bars, discos, and all the stuff that people of all ages are looking for to have fun. The party starts when the sun rises and doesn’t finish until the night turns day again.

Capa de Revista - Vogue - Dezembro 1960

Magazine Cover - Vogue - December 1960

Dica de Perfume - Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum - Jimmy Choo

January 9, 2012

 Perfume - Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum - Jimmy Choo

A primeira fragancia do designer Jimmy Choo - Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum foi lançada em Fevereiro de 2011. E agora em Janeiro2012 será lançada a versão Eau de Toilette. 
Notas de cabeça: notas verdes
Nota média: Orquidia Tiger 
Notas de base: Caramelo, patchouli da Indonésia

The house of Jimmy Choo presented its first self-titled fragrance in February 2011 (Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum). Eau de Toilette version of the debut is scheduled for January 2012, announced as “a dazzling aura of glittering femininity". The fragrance is dedicated to strong women full of confidence, who are also fun and playful.
Perfumer Olivier Polge created Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette as a modern floral - fruity composition with deep woody base. Its opening bursts with vibrant freshness of ginger, pear and green accords. Exotic tiger orchid, which forms the heart of the original, is blended with tea rose to create a seductive floral aura. The base is woody, but unlike the debut it does not contain patchouli, it contains cedar and vibrant woods.
The fragrance is available as 40, 60 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.
Top Notes: Green notes
Middle Notes: Tiger Orchid
Base Notes: Toffee, Indonesian patchouli

New In - Mimos para meu closet

January 8, 2012

New in - Lovely goodies 

Souvenir from Romero Britto gallery store in Miami 

Almost a Pandora 

Monogram stationery 

Happy B-day from Sephora 
Flower Bomb Viktor & Rolf favorite winter scent

Lancome pleasing gift from (for) myself 

From souvenirs to make up.Those are the lovely goodies that are new in my closet this week. 

Capa de Revista - Vogue desde 1892 até o Presente

January 7, 2012

Magazine Cover - Vogue From 1892 to the present

A revista Vogue vai disponibilizar para acesso online todas as sua edições desde o ano de 1892 até hoje. Cada edição, cada página, cada foto. Tudo na íntegra. São 120 anos de história e boa leitura. Só o precinho é que não é nada camarada. Para voce ter acesso a este tesouro voce deve disponibilizar da bagatela de $1,575 dólares.

Do you want to read every Vogue magazine issues since 1892? It is simple subscribe to the Vogue Archive and get unlimited access to more than 400,000 full-color images with unprecedented search capabilities.Every issue, every page, and every photo from the magazine will be online in its original context. For photographers, stylists, small businesses or individuals interested in fashion design. Individual access to the Vogue Archive is $1,575 for a whole year.

NYSpring 2012 - Ari Seth Cohen Advanced Style

January 2, 2012

NYSpring 2012 - Ari - Advanced Style 

I met Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style Blog last year at the Independent Bloggers Event during New York Fashion Week. He was one of the panel speakers at the event. I introduced myself and told him how I like his unique blog. I also let him know how famous he was in Brazil. He was very surprised by this information. I asked him if I could take a picture, but the room was a little bit dark and the shot didn’t turn out well. He was a gentleman and surprised me by asking if I would like to take the picture outside of the building. I was very glad to hear that. And here he is his very nice shot for my blog. By the way, how fashionable and stylish he was! If you don't know his blog yet. Take a look http://advancedstyle.blogspot.com

Photos: Helena Martin