Tea Gathering at Taj Hotel - Boston

April 25, 2014

On Sunday, April 13, I had the pleasure of attending a formal afternoon tea at the Taj Hotel in Boston. The event was organized by Nara Paz, a Brazilian designer who was previously interviewed for the blog. Nara invited a group of chic and powerful women from the New England area to meet and network together. The guest of honor was Kayla Harris, the 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist in judo.
We met in the hotel’s elegant tearoom which overlooks Boston Public Gardens. It was a perfect setting in which to exchange professional ideas, experience, and goals. The authentic British tea included tasteful selections of canapes and delicious petite sweets served on delicate Chinese porcelain. It was a wonderful afternoon and I cannot wait for the next gathering.

**Leia a versão em Portugues no final do post.**
 Helena Martin and Nara Paz 
Nara Paz and Maria 

Denise Dunbar and Nara Paz 
Fabiana Torres, Simone Kennedy and Nara Paz

Photos By Andrew KUBICA

Cinema - 12th Boston International Film Festival

April 16, 2014

The twelfth Annual Boston International Film Festival began on Friday, April 11. The film productions are being shown at AMC / LOEWS Theaters Boston Common, April 11-21.

There are 47 films from various countries of the world like USA, Canada, Japan, and Finland among others. This year Brazil is represented by Para Sempre Nunca Mais (Forever Never More) which was produced and directed by Emerson Muzeli. A period romance set during the Constitutionalist Revolution of1932, it was filmed in the town of Passa Quatro  and stars Bruno Dubeux, Larissa Vereza and Emiliano Rusche. Emerson Muzeli and actor Bruno Dubeux attended the opening ceremony of the festival on April 11 and both are eager to participate in the lauch on April 17. It will be shown at future film festivals in Locarno, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Madrid.

Another entry entitled Against the Jab was filmed entirely in the Boston area. This film is a comedy produced by Patrick Jerome. The cast includes Scott Neufville, Lonette MckKee , Wittly Jourdan, Clara Lago and Leon. Also in the production are two Brazilians actors who currently live in Boston, Robson Lemos and Claudia Belelli. another Brazilian, collage artist Lena Medeiros, appears briefly.

I interviewed Robson Lemos. he told me that he is very happy to be making his first appearance in a full length American film.

The participating films will be shown at AMC / LOEWS Boston Common Theaters located at 175 Tremont St, Boston.

For those interested in seeing the movies sessions are:

Para Sempre Nunca Mais (Forever Never)

Thursday April 17, 1:30 pm $ 12.00

Against the Jab

Monday April 14, 9:00 pm $ 12.00
Tuesday April 15 , 8:00 pm $ 12.00
Wednesday April 16 , 8:30 pm $ 12.00
Thursday April 17 , 9:30 pm $ 12.00
Saturday April 19 , 7:30 pm $ 12.00
Sunday April 20 , 10:25 pm $ 12.00
Monday April 21 , 8:00 pm $ 12.00

Fashion Trend - Statement Necklaces

April 10, 2014

Red Motifs Turquoise - Aniika

Jennifer Hudson

My article about statement necklaces at Hello Brasil News 
Meu artigo sobre maxi colares no jornal Hello Brasil News 

Hello fashionista the statement necklace is back, but did it really go away? These stunning necklaces are still one of the fashion lover’s favorite accessories. A stunning necklace adds the perfect finish touch for an evening of socializing with your friends.   

Hints for creating the best looks with a stunning necklace

  • Invest in a large colorful necklace or choose a necklace made with gold, silver, or stones fora a more sophisticated look
  • Don’t wear karge earings with your necklace because this combination will overwhelm your look
  • Match your necklace with a neckline that will make it stand out. The best choices are strapless, off the shoulders or V-necked dressses or tops.
  • Wear your necklace with basic, solid color pieces sucha as a little black dress ir a white shirt and jeans 

Winter Travel - Miami Beach

April 5, 2014

South Beach 

Newly renovated art-deco hotel in South Beach 
Gabriela enjoying the beach 

Those lovely cabanas and beach chairs can be rented at Boucher brothers booths at the beach. 

Espanola Way - a street where you can find some nice restaurants in South Beach 
Italian and Brazilian restaurants at Espanola Way

This winter was really one of the most severe when compared to past decades with many days of temperatures below zero. Those of us living in the northeastern part of the United States suffered through many cold and sunless days. Fortunately, our country is large and it's easy to find a warm and sunny place to visit. Perhaps you don't have the time to go to the Caribbean. Don't worry because Florida has many great cities and beaches. In early March we decided to check it out. Chasing a promise of warm weather and sunshine, we traveled to Miami's South Beach. Our hotel was an Art Deco masterpiece which had a balcony view of the ocean one block away. Everything was within walking distance including many great restaurants and famous designer stores. South beach is where the fun happens!