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January 20, 2012

Travel - New Orleans - USA

French style façades 

The city breath Mardi Gras 

Cable cars are the most used public transportation in the city 

I am so sorry for the delay in writing the blog. But, it was for a good cause: I was traveling to New Orleans. NOLA, as the city is called by its population, was one of the USA cities I had a dream to visit one day. The visit was worth every minute.

Everybody knows that the city was partially destroyed by the Hurricane Katrina that isolated the city back in 2005. Going there to learn a bit more about this terrible event that almost destroyed the city. I had a chance to visit some of the most destroyed areas, visit some construction areas of the new levees around the city. I also learned that not by chance the historical area of the city was not destroyed as much as, for example, the area called Lower Ninth Ward. This area is one of the lowest areas in NOLA and faces a canal was almost totally destroyed the invasion of the water that broke the 17th Street Canal levee. But through all of this tragedy, I heard that the population is getting back to normal, except in the most affected areas where many people for many causes could not back yet to their homes.

New Orleans is a wonderful, historically unique city that really reminds me my country Brazil. The city was first colonized by the Spanish and later by the French as Louisiana state. Only in 1803 the land was sold to the US by Napoleon. Then you can imagine how much history there is in this city.

In addition to all this history, the city is well known for its entertainment. There is every year Mardi Gras when the citizens celebrate Carnival – it almost the same as in Brazil. There is also a very unique nightlife. Bourbon Street is the most famous street for nightlife in New Orleans. There are at least 8 squares with bars, discos, and all the stuff that people of all ages are looking for to have fun. The party starts when the sun rises and doesn’t finish until the night turns day again.

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