Dica de Moda - Desfile - Spring Runway

April 8, 2012

Fashion - Fashion Show - Spring Runway

Silvana Costa in action
 The team 
 Marissa Hart and Mariolga Pantazopoulos 
Magdalena Stokalska 

Last March 30th I attended a great fashion event which included three shows. One was a jewelry presentation from Wicked Peacock Designs. Silvana Costa, the owner, is a friend of mine. Her show included several pieces from her wonderful collection along with pieces from the designer Magdalena Stokalska. Wicked Peacock has plans for an online store starting this summer,so be sure to watch for the opening information on my blog! Another show was presented by LIT boutique which is a multibrand store on Newbury Street. The third show included a colorful swimwear collection fronm South Shore Swimwear. 

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  1. Awesome recap Helena! I couldn't attend this but really wanted to go. I actually went to the blogger meet up last week hoping to meet you! Hopefully soon :)


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