Dica de Perfume - Angel Aqua Chic - Thierry Mugler

May 22, 2012

Perfume - Angel Aqua Chic - Thierry Mugler

O famoso perfume Angel ganhou uma nova versão este ano. O Angel Aqua Chic é uma versão mais mais fresca perfeita para o verão. Mas igualmente marcante quanto ao eterno Angel e seu frasco em formato de estrela.
Notas de cabeça: limão Almafitano
Notas medias: pimenta rosa, sementes de sultão
Notas de base: patchoulli e baunilha

Master of innovation, Thierry Mugler, surprises us once again with an unprecedented technology never seen before in perfumery. Discover ANGEL Aqua Chic, the very first fragrance infused with aromatic waters. ANGEL is revealed with a freshness never experienced before—a perfect temptation for summer sensations and delights—and all of that with a delicious touch of chic! Angel Aqua Chic is composed of lemon, pink pepper, corn flower water lying on a base composed of patchouli and vanilla. The fragrance is available in a traditional star-shaped bottle, 50ml EDT. Perfumer of the new version is Aurelien Guichard.

Top note: almafi lemon
Middle notes: pink pepper and sultan seeds
Base notes: patchoulli and vanilla

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