Dica de Perfume - Valentina - Valentino

May 10, 2012

Perfume - Valentina - Valentino

A marca Valetino lançou em meados de Setembro de 2011 sua nova fragância chamada Valentina. A composição foi concebida como um floral fresco - frutado - oriental, cheio de contradições, simultaneamente delicado e forte, elegante, sensual, rebelde e divertido. Valentina está disponível em frascos de 30, 50 e 80 ml ​​EDP com loção para o corpo, óleo corporal, gel de banho e desodorante. Notas de cabeça: Bergamota, Tuber
Notas médias: jasmim, flor de laranjeira Africana, tuberosa, morangos silvestres
Notas de base: Cedro da Virginiao, baunilha, âmbar

The brand Valetino has launched in mid-September 2011 its new fragance named Valentina. The composition is designed as a fresh floral - fruity - oriental, full of contradictions, simultaneously delicate and strong, elegant, sensual, rebellious and fun.
Valentina is available as 30, 50 and 80 ml EDP with additional body lotion, body oil, shower gel and deodorant.
Top notes: Bergamota, Tuber
Middle notes: jasmine, African orange flower, tuberose, wild strawberries
Base notes: Virginian cedar, vanille, amber


  1. I desperately need to smell this! I love the bottle and the ad campaign but sometimes I fall in love with those and am terribly disappointed by the scent itself! Is that weird?

    It was wonderful seeing you the other night! Are you going to the blogger spa night on Tuesday??? Hope we can catch up!


  2. Yes!. The scent is very good. I really loved it!!! You have to smell it!

    Yes. I am going to the blogger spa! Let catch up!

  3. Valentino Vendetta is the best perfume ever created by Valentino warehouse. The notes are awesome and also it last long. Thanks for sharing this review.


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