Evento - Summer StyleSwap by Trust in Tricia

June 19, 2012

Event - Summer Style Swap by Trust in Tricia
Recently, I attended the Event Swap Summer Style. It was a charitable event (I mentioned here before) organized by Tricia Cromwell and her team. The event was intended to benefit the Accelerated Cure Project. The swap took place at the beautiful Hotel Indigo in Newton, Massachuetts. The day seemed perfect for the outdoor event. However, we are talking about New England, and the weather suddenly changed at the end of the day. The rain changed the plans to party outdoors. But it was not enough to change the bright of the night, and the event was a great success. All the attendees were very pleased with the swap and also with the jewelry, clothing, and make-up exhibition, all of which brought together vendors like Fetysh shoes, Blues Jean Bar, CAbi, Mono Mono Boutique, Premiere Designs Jewelry, 31 Gifts and Mark.The big point of the night was the swap. The ladies were looking forward to seeing the doors opened. When finally the doors of the Hotel Indigo ballroom were opened, what we saw were tons of ladies running towards the hangers full of clothes and to tables of shoes and accessories. They tried to grab as many pieces as they could and choose what they like best. Among all the clothing and acessories were stunning pieces donated by Mrs. Massashusetts to the event. I also was participating and ended up finding two pairs of lovely shoes. Not that I don’t have enough shoes in my wardrobe (so my husband insists) but the more we have the more we want. It is the women’s way of living. :-)

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  1. It was a pleasure to meet you! This event was so much fun; can't wait for the next one.


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