Fashion - Runa Ray Summer 2016 Collection

August 19, 2016

Photo credit: Martin Spencer 

Fall is approaching and it is time to think about getting new pieces for your wardrobe.  What about some origami inspired pieces?

The designer Runa Ray debuted her Fall 2016 collection last February in NYC the collection named THE SUBTLE TEACHINGS OF ORIGAMI brings an array of clothes inspired by the art of origami.
We are constantly evolving and transforming into what we would like to be. Evolution is thus a natural process. It is fascinating the way in which a piece of paper can be folded and unfolded says Runa Ray. Thus, the designer compares the use of Origami techniques to create clothing to the way a person's life progresses. She starts with basic folds and may fold and unfold and fold again until she has a completed design.

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