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June 1, 2018

It is common knowledge that the preservation of forests is fundamental and essential for maintaining the climate on our planet. Scientists have proven
that global warming is a real threat as it becomes more intense. Reforestation is an essential way to aid in the regulation of rainfall and temperatures on Earth.

Brazilian fashion designer Anne Fontaine is doing her part to reforest and protect the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest through her nonprofit foundation. She was born in Rio de Janeiro where she lived until she was twenty. She has always had deep concern and appreciation for the environment. At age seventeen the designer had the unique experience of living with the Canela tribe in the Amazon rainforest. As a result she came to realize the strong and vital interdependence between humanity and the forest.

In 2011, she created the Anne Fontaine Foundation. This organization "aims towards raising awareness about environmental issues through eco-friendly art  and fashion, having as a primary goal  the reforestation and protection of the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest." The forest  is a narrow 'green' corridor extending from the northern coast of Brazil to Uruguay. Threatened by constant deforestation, it is now one of the most endangered forests in the world. In Brazil only about 15% of its original cover remains. It is  one of the most important biodiverse  places on Earth, hosting about 20,000 species of plants and 2300 animals species.

The Anne Fortaine Foundation has implemented several initiatives to save the forest.  In partnership with Instituto Terra, APNE, Instituto Floresta Viva,and New York Botanical Garden and Trees in Focus -2016, it replaces trees and organizes workshops to raise the awareness of local populations about forest preservation. The organization's goal is that by the year 2022, one hundred thousand trees will be planted throughout the rainforest. 

Every year during April the foundation celebrates Forest Day during which 50% of the sales from Anne Fontaine fashion stores is used to plant new trees.
This year the designer at the Boston store for the special day and she spoke about her foundation and its future projects.

Anne Fontaine Foundation

 Anne Fontaine SS2018 Collection 
 Anne Fontaine SS2018 Collection 
Anne Fontaine SS2018 Collection 
"I wish children could learn at school that forests are living Earth ecosystems belonging to the same system. This system serves as an environment regulator to maintain the balance of our planet and conditions conducive to life. I do not want to see these tropical trees uprooted. Future generations should be able to benefit from this wonder of nature. "Anne Fontaine

 Anne Fontaine 

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