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June 30, 2018

Have you ever received the backhanded compliment, "you look good for your age"?

Your age doesn't matter. You are BEAUTIFUL.  

I’m teaming up with @RoCSkincareOfficial to make sure we all think twice before using #ForYourAge again. 

The brand RoC® was created by Dr. Jean-Charles Lissarrague for Roge Cavailles pharmacy in 1957. He was a Parisian pharmacist who wanted to create a more proactive, positive and pleasurable approach to beauty. Dr. Lissarrague was a firm believer in crafting innovative skincare solutions to help women look and feel their best at every age.

RoC® conducted a study called  #ForYourAge which validated the idea that backhanded phrases tacked onto compliments can profoundly impact a woman's confindence and overall happiness. Are phrases like this really complementary even though the intent may be positive?

Understanding the impact of words, RoC® joined forces with Actress Thandie Newton to share her personal experiences with this phrase and rally others to all become mindful of what we say. 

Thanks to @RoCSkincareOfficial for sending me this buzzer. 

Let's participate on this movement? #ForYourAge
Check it out RoC Skincare page to know more about it.



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